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  • Is everyone ready for seafood and wine Thursday? Well This week we welcome Marshall Wines in to pour, from 3-6.
  • Back to school is crazy! Don’t let the hustle of the day mess up eating healthy. Good fresh fish is good for the brain, so EAT FRESH!




 Today’s Inventory

NW Fresh Fish

Wild King Salmon$19.95lbWild/freshFreshColumbia RiverFillet
Sockeye Salmon$13.95lbWild FZ AKFillet
Skuna Bay Salmon$17.95 lbHand Crafted/farmedFreshSkuna Bay Fillet
Rock Fish$10.95 lbWildFreshNWFillet
Ling Cod$14.95 lbWild FreshNWFillet
Petrale Sole$14.95 lbWild FreshNW Fillet
True Cod$10.95 lbWild FreshNW Fillet
Trout $11.95 lbFarmedFreshIDFillet
$18.95 lbWild FreshNWFillet
Wild Steelhead $14.95 lbWild FreshNWFillet

Exotic Fish

Blue Marlin18.95lbwildFRESHWest CoastLoin
Sword fish18.95lbwildFRESHWest CoastLoin

Local Shellfish

Live Manila Clams$6.95 lbNWFresh
Razor Clams Fresh$21.95NWFrozenOregon/WashingtonCleaned and pounded
Live Mussels$6.95 lbNWFresh


Live Netarts BBQ$11.95 per dozenLiveNWLarge
Live Netarts Extra Smalls$11.95 per dozenLiveNWlittle smaller then bbq
Live Netarts Petites$12.95 per dozenLiveNWGreat for raw
Live Netarts Torkes$14.95 per dozenLiveNWGreat for raw
Live Shigoku$16.95 per dozenLiveNW
Live Calm Cove$10.95 per dozenLiveNW
Fresh Oyster meat: extra small$7.95 per 10oz jarFreshNW

Fresh “Dry” Scallops

U/10 Scallops$28.95 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
U/12 Scallops$27.95 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
U/10-20 ScallopsCall to pre orderFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
Bay Scallops $15.95 lbFrozen
Squid Tubs & Tentacles 2.5#ers$6.95 lbFrozen
Squid Tubs & Tentacles 1#ers$9.95 lbFrozen
Dungeness Crab Meat $35.95 lbFreshNWPicked Meat
Calamari Steaks $6.95 lbFrozen
Frog Legs$5.95 lbFrozenIndividual
Lobster tail 6-8oz$27.95Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster meat$16.95 pkgFrozen uncooked .5# package
Black Tiger 21/2513.95 lbFarmedFrozen
Black Tiger 31/40$11.95FarmedFrozen
Black Tiger 16/20$15.95FarmedFrozen
Black Tiger 13/15$19.95FarmedFrozen
Wild 16/20$22.95WildFrozenMexico
Wild Bay Shrimp $7.95WildFreshOregon
Octo Tako $17.95 lbFrozen
Saku Block$18.95 lbFrozen
Sockeye Salmon$15.95 lbFrozenPortion
Skuna Bay Salmon$17.95 lbFreshFillet
Ahi Tuna #1$26.95 lbFreshHawaiiLoin
Ahi Tuna #2$23.95 lbFreshHawaiiLoin
Hamachi Loin$19.95 lbFrozenLoin


Smoked Wild King Salmon $23.95 per lb
Smoked Wild King Salmon Candy$22.95 per lb
Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna$20.95 per lb
Lox $7.99 4 oz pkg
Smoked Trout$16.95 lb
Smoked Salmon Mousse$8.95 8 oz
Smoked Halibut Mousse$8.95 8 oz

Seafood Stock

Fish Bones$2.95 lb

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