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  Today’s Inventory

NW Fresh Fish

 Price per #SourceStateLocaleCut
Skuna Bay Salmon $19.50 Farmed Fresh CanadaFillet
Sockeye Salmon $15.50 Wild FRZN AKFillet
King salmon $36.00WildFreshOR Fillet
Ling Cod $16.50Wild freshorFillet
Rock fish $11.50wild FreshOregon Fillet
Petrale Sole$15.50Wild FreshNW Fillet
FRESH HALIBUT$25.00wild FreshAKFillet
FRESH HALIBUT Cheeks $25.00wild FreshAKCheeks
Black cod$22.00wild FreshPacific NW Fillet
True cod$10.00wild FreshAlaska Fillet

Exotic Fish

 Price per #SourceStateLocaleCut
Tombo 15.50SourceFresh Pacific, HI Loin
Sword fish20.00SourceFresh Pacific, usa and mexLoin

Local Shellfish

Live Clams$7.50 lbNWFresh
Live Mussels $7.50 lbNWFresh


Luna Bella $15.00 per dozenLiveLong Beach/wain shell
Island Sweet$15.00 per dozenLiveNetartsin shell
Fresh Oyster meat: extra small9.00per 10oz jarFreshNWshucked
Fresh Oyster meat: Yearling$9.00 per 8oz jarFreshNWshucked

Fresh “Dry” Scallops

U/10 Scallops$32.00 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
U/10-20 Scallops$27.00 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
Bay Scallops $13.00 lbFrozen
 Price #SourceStateLocaleCut
Dungeness crab meat$42.00FreshOregon Lump meat
King Crab Legs$43.00Frozen Alaska Jumbo legs
Calamari T&T$9.00 FrozenMix Tubes and tents.
Frog Legs$9.50FrozenIndividual
Lobster tail 10-12 oz$30.00Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster tail 6oz$29.00Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster tail 20-24oz lob tailpre orderWarm waterFrozenTail
 Price per #SourceStateLocaleCut
Black Tiger 31/40$10.50Farmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen/rawP&D tail on
Black Tiger 21/25$12.00Farmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen/rawP&D tail on
Black Tiger 16/20$14.00Farmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen/rawP&D tail on
Black Tiger 13/15$16.00Farmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen/rawP&D tail on
Wild 16/20$17.00WildFrozen/rawMexicoP&D tail on
Wild Bay Shrimp $10.00WildFrozen/cookedOregonDe Shelled
 Price per #SourceStateLocaleCut
Ahi #1$28.50FreshLoin, cut into steaks
Octo Tako $19.00Frozen
Saku Block$19.50Frozen
Hamachi Collar$13.50lbFrozen4-5pk of collars


Smoked Wild King Salmon $25.95 per lbWildAK
Smoked Wild King Salmon
garlic peper
$25.95 per lbWildAK
Lox $7.99 4 oz pkgScottish/farm

Seafood Stock

 Price per #SourceStateLocaleCut
Lamb Shank( pre order 1 week needed)$7.25Sudan Farms 2 per package/fresh and frozenCanby Oregon shank
Lamb/pork Sausage $11.99Sudan Farms 1# package fresh and frozen Canby Oregon
Lamb Rack $15.99Sudan Farms 8 to a rack fresh and frozen Canby Oregon Bone in rack
Lamb Ground$8.00Sudan Farms 1# package fresh and frozenCanby Oregon Ground
Lamb Sirloin steaks $10.50Sudan Farms fresh and frozenCanby Oregon Sirloin
Lamb Chops $12.00Sudan Farms 4 chops per package fresh and frozenCanby Oregon Chop
Lamb Sweet Italian ground Sausage $12.99Sudan Farms 1# package Fresh and frozen Canby Oregon Chop
Beef New York Steak$20.99Harris RanchChoice plus 8-10oz steaks Fresh and FrozenSan Joaqin Valley,Ca
Beef Fillet Mignon, beef $39.99Harris RanchChoice plus 8-10oz steaks
Fresh and Frozen
San Joaqin Valley, Ca
Beef Ribeye $18.00Harris RanchChoice plus 10-14oz steaks
Fresh and Frozen
San Joaqin Valley, Ca
Bison, Ground $13.99Frozen 1# package North Dakota Ground
Pork, Boneless Chop$6.99Hills Farms 6-8oz cuts fresh and frozen Pendleton, Or Chops
Pork, Bratwaurst $7.99NW Premier meats 1-1.5# packs Fresh and frozen Tualitin, Or Sausages
Pork, Bacon $8.49Hill 1# pack Fresh and frozen Idaho Thick Cut bacon
Chicken, Wings$6.99Aurora Chicken, certified Organic4 per packAurora, OR Wing
Chicken, Boneless thigh$7.50Mary's chicken , certified Organic4 per packThigh
Chicken, Boneless thigh$3.99mountaire 2 per packThigh
Chicken, Boneless breast $3.99mountaire 2 per packBreast

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