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  • Sad news, no seafood and wine this week. Good news lots of amazing albacore in shop.




 Today’s Inventory

NW Fresh Fish

Skuna Bay Salmon$19.00 lbHand Crafted/farmedFreshSkuna Bay Fillet
Rock Fish$11.50 lbWildFreshNWFillet
True Cod$10.50 lbWildFreshNWFillet
Trout Fillet$12.50 lbFarmedFreshSnake RiverFillet
Halibut $25.50 lbWild FRESHAKFillet
Sockeye $17.00 lbwild FreshAK/copper riverFillet
Ling cod$16.50lbwild FreshNWFillet
King Salmon (springers)$26.00.lbwild/troll caughtFreshCali/ORFillet
Oregon Albacore$14.00.lbWild FreshOr Clean loin

Exotic Fish

Sword Fish $19.00 lbwildFresh MexLoin
Salt Cod$12.00 lbwildFZ CanadaFillet
Jobfish (snapper family)$13.50 lbwildFZ HIFillet

Local Shellfish

Live Mussels$7.00lbNWFresh
Salt SpringLive
Live Clams$7.00 lbNWFresh
Live Varnish Clams$6.00 lbNWFresh
Razor Clams $22.00 lbNWfrznWashingtoncleaned and pounded


Live Agate beach $17.00 per dozenLiveHood Canalin shell
Live Calm Cove$14.00 per dozenLiveHood Canalin shell
Live Petite$13.00 per dozenLiveNetartsin shell
Live Torkes$15.00 per dozenLiveNetartsin shell
Live Chaz$17.00 per dozenLiveNetartsin shell
Live willapa Bay $11.00 per dozenLiveLong Beachin shell
Fresh Oyster meat: extra small$7.95 per 10oz jarFreshNWshucked
Fresh Oyster meat: Yearling$7.95 per 8oz jarFreshNWshucked

Fresh “Dry” Scallops

U/10 Scallops$31.00 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
U/12 Scallops$30.00 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
U/10-20 Scallops$27.00 lbFresh out of the shellDry Pack Grade "A"
Bay Scallops $13.00 lbFrozen
Squid Tubs & Tentacles 1#ers$9.00lbFrozen
Squid Tubs & Tentacles 2.5#ers$7.00lbFrozen
Dungeness Crab Meat $40.00 lbFreshNWPicked Meat
Calamari Steaks $8.00 lbFrozen
Frog Legs$8.95 lbFrozenIndividual
Lobster tail 6-8oz$28.00Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster tail 10-12 oz$28.00Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster tail 14/16oz$29.00Warm waterFrozenTail
Lobster tail 20-24oz lob tailpre orderWarm waterFrozenTail
Lobster meat$21.00 pkgFrozen uncooked .5# package
Black Tiger 31/40$10.00 lbFarmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen
Black Tiger 21/25$11.50 lbFarmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen
Black Tiger 16/20$13.50 lbFarmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen
Black Tiger 13/15$16.00 lbFarmed/FDA HACCP certifiedFrozen
Wild 21/25$16.00 lbWildFrozenMexico
Wild Bay Shrimp $10.00 lbWildFRESHOregon
Langostinos$20.50 lbWildFrozen
Octo Tako $18.95 lbFrozen
Saku Block$19.00 lbFrozen
Ahi Tuna #1$27.00 lbFreshHawaiiLoin
Ahi Tuna #2$25.00 lbFreshHawaiiLoin
Hamachi Loin$19.00 lbFrozenLoin


Smoked Wild King Salmon $23.95 per lbWildAK
Smoked Wild King Salmon Candy$22.95 per lbWildAk
Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna$20.95 per lbWildNW
Lox $7.99 4 oz pkgScottish/farm
Smoked Trout$16.95 lb
Smoked Salmon Mousse$8.95 8 oz
Smoked Halibut Mousse$8.95 8 oz

Seafood Stock

Fish Bones$2.95 lb

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